Humble Bumble Gift Boxes

Below are details of our a available gift boxes, all our created using our herbal soaps, shampoos and balms, with some including appropriately sourced additional items.

As with the individual items, all gift boxes come in recyclable or reusable packaging, they are plastic free and can be personalised to meet your individual needs.

One of our original and most popular gift boxes, this “treasure chest” style box gives a touch of luxury and indulgence whilst really doing its bit for the environment!

Included in the gift box is:

  • Herbal soap
  • Herbal shampoo
  • Herbal topical balm
  • Herbal lip balm
  • Soap saver bag
  • Soap dish
  • Wildflower seeds sourced from @benthambees

The gift box is available in any of our four families, or if you’d like a bespoke one made up, drop us an email.

As with all our gift boxes, all packaging is reusable or recyclable and totally plastic free!


Popular with climbers, gardeners and anyone who wants to give their hands a treat, is this Hand care kit gift box.

Including a solid “Fettle Bar” and soap of your choice. We generally pair the Fettle bar with our peppermint and rosemary soap due to its refreshing and reinvigorating herbal properties, but if you’d like a different soap included, just let us know.



Our “Perfect Pairing” gift box is just that, a perfect pairing of a soap and shampoo bar in a simple cardboard drawer box.

There’s a pairing for each herbal family, or if you’d like to mix it up and have a combination of different herbal properties, just let us know at checkout and we’ll happily create a bespoke gift box for you!


Our “Terrific Trio” gift set is a herbal soap, herbal balm and herbal lip balm combination.

Each herbal family has its own “terrific trio” in our store, but if you’d like to mix it up by varying the herbal varieties, just let us know at checkout.




Last Christmas a neighbour asked if we could do a “Soap and soap dish combo gift box” for some of her friends. This has turned out to be popular gift set throughout the year pairing a bamboo soap dish with one of our four herbal soaps.



This “Shampoo starter kit” is the perfect introduction for anyone new to shampoo bars.

Coming with “Calendula, Lavender and Peppermint” shampoos it allows the receiver to feel soothed, relaxed and enlivened in equal measure.

Alongside each shampoo is an information card detailing the ingredients and herbal properties.

This is a great starter set and a great gift!

Our “Lip balm delight” is a wonderful combination of eight lip balms!

All our products last a long time and these are no exception so this gift box should keep the recipient going for a good few months!

The standard gift box comes with:

  • 2 x bee Soothed calendula lip balm
  • 2 x bee Lively peppermint and rosemary lip balm
  • 2 x bee Calm, lavender lip balm
  • 2 x bee Well, rose and geranium lip balm

if you’d like a different combination, just let us know at checkout


Our “Super balm set” is three herbal balms and three herbal lip balms together in a wonderful recyclable drawer box.

As standard this will come with soothing calendula, relaxing lavender and enlivening peppermint and rosemary, but if you want your own personal selection, just let us know.

Our “Deluxe gift set” includes a soap, shampoo bar and topical bar from three of our wonderful herbal ranges.

As standard it includes:

  • Bee Soothed, calendula based soap, shampoo and topical balm
  • Bee Calm, lavender based soap, shampoo and topical balm
  • Bee Lively, peppermint and rosemary soap, shampoo and topical balm.

We can create a bespoke combination for you using any of our four families, tailor the gift box to create the perfect present.

Our deluxe travel gift box includes two herbal soaps, two herbal shampoo bars and a soap and shampoo bar travel tin.

Let us know at checkout which soap and shampoo combination you would like, choose between:

  • Bee soothed – calendula based, so soothing on the skin
  • Bee calm – lavender based, so relaxing and calming
  • Bee lively- peppermint and rosemary, invigorating and enlivening
  • Bee well – rose and geranium, uplifting and feel good




Our simple “Shampoo travel kit” is the shampoo of your choice in an metal carry tin.

We use ours regularly for trips to the swimming pool and it’s a wonderful way to allow plastic free to be part of your everyday routines.




Our simple “Soap travel kit” is the herbal soap of your choice together with a long lasting, reusable travel tin.

Easy to store, easy to clean, you can take plastic free, herbal goodness with you wherever you go!


When we set up Humble Bumble our two terrific terriers were keen to get involved. This led to us developing our “humble paws” range. It seems only right that they should have their own special gift box!

Our “Pawfect pairing” is a dog shampoo and paw balm combination that will be the perfect gift for your four legged friends and their human companions.