Humble Bumble Ethos

What’s good for nature is good for us

Bernadette and Matthew have a love of nature, working alongside the natural world to promote biodiversity, support and work alongside local businesses, encourage bees, bugs and wildlife of all varieties to support a sustainable, healthy and positive world.

More than supporting nature, we believe in promoting wellbeing. Our ethos is about promoting positivity, personal wellbeing, helping those we work with and alongside to make the most of the natural world around them. Through our website, Facebook, Instagram, through our select stockists and our markets and fairs, join us and share our journey.

Plastic free – no plastic packaging used in any of our products

Chemical free – no additional chemicals, pest controls, preservatives, colourants used at any point of our production process.

Seed to store – we grow it, we dry it, we use it.

Local is best – we use herbs and wildflowers we can grow and harvest locally to our home in Cumbria. There are many amazing herbs that are used from around the world, but unless we can grow it ourselves or responsibly harvest from the local hedgerows we don’t use it.

Maintaining a low carbon footprint – we have electricity supplied by a 100% renewable energy supplier, we deliver locally by bike or whilst driving on other business.

Sustainable – we use the flowering parts / leaves of the herbs rather than the roots, we harvest our own seeds, grow the herbs from seeds or from ethically sourced suppliers. Our packaging is recyclable, our tins and jars are reusable.

We encourage our customers to return any empty balm jars or tins once they have finished using them. We will thoroughly clean them, and reuse them. For any jars or tins returned, we’ll give you a 50p discount on your next Humble Bumble purchase.