Welcome to Humble Bumble

Sadly, Humble Bumble has now ceased trading.

We would like to thank everyone for your amazing support, kindness and encouragement.

Thank you for joining us on our unforgettable journey and please, keep shopping local, keep supporting positive biodiversity and keep being amazing.

We are a small business living and working in South Cumbria. We work with nature to create products using herbs and wildflowers grown in our Cumbrian garden. We infuse the oils and make the products at home. We believe local is best, cutting down the carbon footprint of products and growing without the use of chemicals to encourage biodiversity and protect the local bee communities.

Our four primary ranges, Bee Calm, Bee Soothed, Bee Well and Bee Lively have soaps and shampoo bars with herbs that relax, sooth, uplift  and enliven in equal measure. Our range is ever expanding and we now have the “That’ll Fettle It” range of hand care balms and a “Humble Paws” range including a dog shampoo and paw boost balm. Plastic free, chemical free and aimed at promoting the wellbeing of our four legged friends. Our soaps and shampoo bars have passed a cosmetic safety assessment (www.cosmeticsafetyassessment.com) and are produced to an agreed formulation.

Unique, personalised products can be created based on individual requirements, or you can visit our store and purchase one of our hand crafted range of wonderful smelling soaps and shampoos.

Thank you for visiting Humble Bumble, together, we can make the world a little bit more sustainable, our ecosystems a little more diverse, our planet, a little more viable.