In July 2019 we moved to a house with wild, and untended gardens. We are working to transform the gardens and plot into a Humble Haven, areas for organically grown fruit and veg, herbal areas to grow the herbs used in our products, wild flower areas to promote natural biodiversity and support bees, butterflies…

Every day in the garden is a day of discovery, we’ve found a long abandoned pond, now revived and teeming with newts, tadpoles, pond-skaters and water beetles.

Swallows, house martin’s and bats take turns in performing aerial acrobatics.

Frogs and toads provide natural “pest” control, companion planting helps everything develop in harmony.

In July 2020, our team was enhanced by the arrival of three-rescue hens. Settling in quickly, their primary role has been giving our herbs and flowers the space they need to grow and flourish. Interacting with the swallows and house martins, keeping watch for buzzards and red kites, loving the glorious biodiversity we are striving to create.

The images below are a snapshot of our work to make this little part of Cumbria green, diverse and wonderfully productive

Rediscovering the wildlife pond

Weed and pest control, the Humble Bumble way!

Arriving in July 2020, our three rescue hens, Calendula, Peppermint and Lavender are vital members of our team, supporting the growth of the herbs and flowers we use in our range of products by managing the growth of weeds and feasting on speciality Cumbrian slugs

Soap making apprenticeship going well! Bernadette creating calendula soap in our workshop

Using oils infused with our home grown herbs, our soaps are individually hand crafted with care, attention to detail and, during the summer months, swallows doing aerial acrobatics around our workshop, dancing as in the air as the herbs start to work their magic.