Comfrey Balm

Hand Crafted Comfrey balm.

Comfrey is renowned for it’s ability to support healing after bones and muscles have been damaged. This product was developed for our friend John and has been used by him and many of his friends. The oil is infused with comfrey (78%) Calendula (9%), Peppermint (6.5%), and Rosemary (6.5%)and blended with bees wax and Shea Butter to make this wonderfully soothing topical balm.

Personally tailored Bee-Spoke products

“Fettle It” – Bumble Climbing Ball

Developed for some family friends in the North East, this “Fettle it“, solid balm ball uses herbs that are reputed to support the healing of hands after intense activity, be it climbing, gardening, working on machinery, whatever the challenge, this’ll fettle it

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This product is still under development. Samples are available on request, however please contact us directly if you’d like more details. We look forward to confirming the details of this product and adding it to our stock list.

“That’ll fettle it” Bumble Hand Balm

A wonderful combination of Shea Butter (24%), Bees wax (11%) and infused olive oil (65%), this balm makes use of a wonderful combination of herbs to help promote wellbeing. The oil is infused with Calendula (26%), Peppermint (22%), Nettle (22%),  Comfrey (17%) and Rose (13%), with a drop of bergamot essential oil this balms feels and smells quite wonderful.