Fettle It – “Hand Boost Balm” Large


Large Hand Boost Balm,

A rejuvenating solid lotion balm bar

Product Description

One of our wonderful customers who liked our Fettle It “Hand Boost Balm” asked if we could do a version for someone with a larger hand

A wonderful solid balm ideal for rejuvenating tired hands.

Originally developed for some climbing friends in the North East, this solid balm is made using shea butter (33%), bees wax (33%) and infused sunflower oil (33%). The oil is infused with Calendula, peppermint, nettle, comfrey and rose, all grown without the use of any chemicals, in our Cumbrian country garden.

The tin, with it’s handy “pop off” lid, fits into most pockets and is ideal for active days out in the garden or scaling cliff faces.

Once purchased, make sure you have a look at our refill offer, keep the tin and we’ll send you a balm bar refill at a reduced price!


(Average approximate weight – 115g)