Gift Set – Deluxe Humble Bumble Gift Set


Deluxe 3-family Humble Bumble gift set.

Product Description

A wonderful, deluxe, Humble Bumble gift set made up of a soap, shampoo bar and balm from each of our three product ranges.

The ranges included are:

Bee Soothed – Calendula based soap, shampoo and balm, soothing, gentle, benefiting from the resinous delights offered by the calendula flower.

Bee Lively – Peppermint and Rosemary based soap, shampoo and balm. Invigorating, mind focusing, benefitting from the vibrant properties of the peppermint and rosemary

Bee Calm – Lavender based soap, shampoo and balm. Using the wonderful properties of home grown lavender, lemon balm and California poppy to help you unwind, relax and find calm.

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