Bee Soothed – Humble Bumble Calendula Shampoo Bar


A soothing blend of oils infused with Calendula go into making this hand crafted shampoo bar. Each one, unique, each petal used, grown in our Cumbrian garden

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Product Description

Calendula, a cheerful golden flower that radiates joy and vitality even on the greyest of Cumbrian days!

Every year, as we grow these blooms from seed, the variety, the colour tone, the vivacity is always a joy to behold. This bright and cheery disposition typifies the soothing and calming properties associated with the flower, properties we hope to capture in our Bee Soothed shampoo bars. Blending the calendula with the detoxifying and cleansing properties of nettle creates a balance that we are proud to have within our range.


Castor Oil – 17%
Sunflower oil (infused with calendula and nettle) – 17%
Coconut Oil – 17%
Olive oil (infused with calendula and nettle) – 9%
Shea Butter – 7%
Sodium Hydroxide – 8%
Calendula infused water – 25%
Neroli and Bergamot essential oils (Trace)


If you’re new to shampoo bars, they are wonderful and easy to use. You can either rub the solid bar on your wet scalp as the lather builds and the essential oil aroma is released, or you can get the lather going rubbing the bar in wet hands and then rubbing your hands over your scalp.

Every individual product is uniquely hand crafted. We aim to have as standard a size as possible however this isn’t always possible as we hand cut every item. Shampoo bars are a minimum size of 65g, however if you have any concerns about the product you have purchased, please just let us know.